Woman unleashes fury on customer who cut the line in tea shop

Woman unleashes fury on customer who cut the line in tea shop

You know, tea shops and cafés are supposed to be relaxing places. They're usually warm, snug and cosy, and the scent of chamomile, ginger, Earl Grey and cake usually has a calming, soporific effect. They're not the sort of places where you'd expect to find people with high blood pressure, or where you'd go if you were looking to start a fight.

And yet this week, a tea shop has been the setting of a furious brawl between two customers, after a video of a woman's angry assault went viral on social media.

Check out the CCTV footage of the assault below: 

The footage in question was allegedly filmed on CCTV cameras in a bubble tea shop in southern China. The incident occurred on October 16 in the city of Yingde in Guangdong Province. In it, a woman wearing a pink jacket can be seen walking nonchalantly to the counter to be served.

On the way, she accidentally knocked into a bag carried by a woman wearing a blue T-shirt. At first, this faux pas passed without comment, but then all hell broke loose. As the cashier handed change back to the woman in pink, the woman in blue suddenly threw the menu onto the table, and gave the other customer a violent shove to the floor, while shouting at her.

As the victim stood up, she proceeded to slap her and throw her onto the floor again before making a hasty retreat. None of the other customers made a move to help the victim, who appeared shaken and hurt by the encounter.

Watch this Taco Bell employee's shockingly racist rant to a customer in the clip below: 

The video was later uploaded to social media, where it has since gone viral. According to Chinese police authorities, the woman in the blue T-shirt, who started the altercation, was later arrested and detained for 15 days as a result of her violent actions.