Woman who complained her shoes were hurting discovers they were on the wrong feet

Woman who complained her shoes were hurting discovers they were on the wrong feet

From time to time, we're all go through a wardrobe malfunction. It sucks, but sometimes our clothes can almost seem to conspire against us in the most embarrassing way.

It's worse when these sartorial catastrophes make it to social media, and leave us even more red-faced and sheepish when we're confronted by the critical eye of our own friends and followers.

If you don't believe me, then just consider the following post, which went viral this week for a hilarious reason. Meet Ayleigh McGhee, a woman who hails from Glasgow in Scotland.

Ayleigh was just about to embark on a night out with her friends over the weekend, and on Saturday she took to Instagram to post a few pictures of her outfit: a black dress, matching handbag, and a pair of strappy high heel shoes.

However, a few of Ayleigh's followers noticed that her shoes appeared to be an odd shape, and didn't look as if they fit all that well. Perhaps they were just an unusual design? Apparently not.

What had actually happened was that Ayleigh had accidentally committed a fashion faux pas, and had mixed up her left and right shoes, and slipped them on the wrong feet. She was hilariously exposed by her friend Georgia on Twitter later the next day.

In Scots dialect, Georgia tweeted: "Ayleigh was actual moanin the full night sayin she couldn’t walk in her shoes n only just realised this morning she was wearing them on the wrong feet... this lassie man. [sic]"

What did Ayleigh make of her blunder? Well she appeared to take it in her stride, and when social media users pointed out her mortifying error, she promptly wrote to Georgia: ""f***offf I know it’s all a can see now [sic]"

Ah well, better luck next time Ayleigh!