Woman who's spent over $25K on body modifications gets another two on her face

Woman who's spent over $25K on body modifications gets another two on her face

One body mod enthusiast seems intent on covering her entire body in ink and has spent around $26,000 in pursuit of that goal.

Amber Luke, 24, even has an extensive collection of tattoos on her face. In fact, in a recent post to Instagram, Amber debuted her brand new brow bone tattoos.

The new tat collection features four hearts above her eyes along with some new dermal piercings, which are implanted under her flesh.

“Added some lil hearts to my face, as well as some new dermals. I couldn’t resist," She captioned the image, which has since accumulated over 12,000 likes. “Anyone else addicted to the feeling of dermals – or am I just a weird c***?”

In spite of the risks associated with this sort of procedure, Amber seemed in no way put off by getting the piercings.

This is the moment Sarah Hyland got her butt tattoo removed:

And there were plenty of people in the comments who commended Amber for getting the eyelid dermals.

One person remarked: “Omg this idea is crazy! I love it! I never thought of eyelid dermal.”

Another gushed: “They’re so beautiful!! I wish I had the balls to get them done!” And a third joked: “You’re a savage.”

Check out Kat Von D's new blackout tattoo:

Many of her followers, taking inspiration from the influencer, began firing questions at her about the process of getting dermals.

"How do dermals work? Seriously asking. "love seeing your posts too," one person asked.

"Did it hurt getting those dermals there," wrote another, while a third shared this experience: "I love dermal and have had four but they all rejected no matter how well I cared for them. yours look great tho!!!!"

Not everyone was so positive about the body mods, though.

“You are so beautiful, spare your face,” one commenter said, to which the model responded: “Thank you, but I’ll do what I want. It’s my face.”