WWII veteran who credits his long life to Coors celebrates 102nd birthday

WWII veteran who credits his long life to Coors celebrates 102nd birthday

We'd all like to know the secret to a long, happy life, but one World War II veteran is crediting a wholly unlikely source for his long life: Coors beer.

Andrew E. Slavonic, who turns 102 today, rose to internet stardom last year when it was revealed that he had been drinking a Coors Light every day at 4pm for well over 10 years. Son Bob spoke to Fox News about how life has been for his father since his story was widely shared online;

“All I can say is that it has been one helluva of a year for dad. He has never had this much attention in his life. I really think he loves it.

102-year-old Andrew E. Slavonic credits his love of Coors Light beer with his long life:

“He has met various people around town that have come up to him and wanted to shake his hand and ask him if it really the one Coors Light that keeps him going. He says it is. We go to the local VFW Post 764 every Friday for dinner and everyone there just loves seeing him and talking to him,”

Per Fox News, Slavonic was presented with a beer fridge from MillerCoors and offered with the opportunity to travel to the company's Colorado headquarters. As his son said;

“He has met so many nice people over this past year and hopes to keep meeting more. It seems like wherever we go, we run into someone that has seen him on TV with the Coors Light,”

And despite his internet stardom and all of the new experiences he's having, one ritual has stayed exactly the same: his daily Coors Light.

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Fox News reports that the 102-year-old began drinking a Coors every day at 4pm 16 years ago, but he's been a fan of the brand for even longer.

His son Bob says that he actually started drinking regular Coors, before switching to Coors Light and finding that he preferred the flavour.

“When people ask me about my dad and I tell them that he is going to be 102, they just don't believe that he is that old but only looks like he is in his 70's.

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“As time goes on, there are not too many WWII veterans around, especially in Pittsburgh and that drink one Coors Light Beer every day at 4:00 pm, that is EST.”

Cheers to you, Andrew, and happy birthday!

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