You can now buy a his & hers duvet where one side is hot and the other is cooler

You can now buy a his & hers duvet where one side is hot and the other is cooler

Sleeping with your significant other is supposed to be a pleasant experience, but more often than not, it's a tricky one.

Personally, I love to be warm and toasty at night, whereas just about every boyfriend I've ever had has preferred to live life on the cooler side. This has proven itself to be a difficult balancing act. I need to be warm, but I can't let him freeze either.

However, if this situation sounds familiar, there is now a solution in the form of a his 'n' hers duvet.

A person sleeping. Credit: Pixabay

Manufactured by British company Nanu, the duvet's website description reads: "Two perfect, but different, sleep environments under one duvet."

The duvet, which retails for £50 ($61), comes with two different settings - a cool 4.5 tog and a toasty 15 tog.

His & hers duvet. Credit:

Available in double or king-size, as this picture demonstrates, there's no zips or dividers meaning that it will be just as comfortable as a regular duvet.

The website says: "Nanu's revolutionary hot¬ duvet enables you to design the perfect duvet for you and your partner for your perfect night's sleep in under 2 minutes."

His & hers duvet. Credit:

The duvet has already caused a sensation on Instagram, with users describing it as a "clever idea" and "the answer".

One simply remarked on the quality of the product, writing, "It looks luxurious and cozy."

However, if this article is making you feel horribly single, don't worry, before you start swiping aimlessly on Tinder, why not content yourself with a duvet set covered in your bestie's face? After all, friendships usually last longer than relationships.

And regardless of your relationship status, while we're on the subject of temperature, it turns out that most of us haven't been preparing to dance with the sandman effectively. This is the ideal temperature for a good night's sleep. The more you know!