You can now buy 'anti-aging' pink gin

You can now buy 'anti-aging' pink gin

This summer, we've seen a number of mouth-watering beverages hit our shelves. From cider that tastes like tastes like parma violets and blackberries to 60-ounce rum cocktail pouches.

However, until now, none of the alcoholic beverages that have hit our shelves have had anti-aging qualities.

So before you invest in a new moisturizer or toner this summer, you might want to treat yourself to a bottle of Young in Spirit's Collagin Pink Rose - a gorgeous looking gin infused with oil steam distilled from rose petals.

Anti-ageing gin. Credit: Collagin

But the real USP of this beverage is, of course, its anti-aging qualities, which come from its inclusion of 100mg of collagen.

If this product sounds familiar, that's because it is. Collagen is more commonly found in products like moisturizers and toners because of its ability to improve the firmness and elasticity of skin structure.

"We are on a mission to beautify the world of spirits and create a gin that could sit on a back bar but also a beauty counter," co-founder of the Oxfordshire-based business Brown explained. "The Original Collagin has gone down a storm, so when people were begging us for a pink gin we decided to give them what they wanted. With the addition of the rose, she still stays subtle and smooth but will appeal to gin lovers with a sweeter tooth. She also looks stunning with her matching pink hue to the bottle."

Anti-ageing pink gin. Credit: Collagin

"Each bottle has 100mg of pure, powdered collagen in each bottle and all of the botanicals have been chosen for their rejuvenating qualities, however, we don't make any health claims with Collagin, as it's alcohol at the end of the day," Brown told Good Housekeeping. "But, if you're going to drink gin, you might as well have the added bonus of collagen in it! And she tastes delicious."

The gin is infused with an impressive eleven botanicals - including vanilla, licorice, pink grapefruit, and pink peppercorn.

Anti-ageing pink gin. Credit: Collagin

The product is reasonably priced too and will set you back the same as a good quality moisturizer at £36.99 ($44.98) a bottle.

If this sounds like a Godsend (I mean, unless you've literally just turned of age, why wouldn't it?!), then you'll need to be swift if you want a bottle. Only 800 are being produced, and they are available from NotOnTheHighStreet and Ocado while stocks last.