You can now buy Oreo creme-filled chocolate eggs from Walmart this Christmas

You can now buy Oreo creme-filled chocolate eggs from Walmart this Christmas

It's still 45 days until Christmas, but you wouldn't know it considering just how much time I've spent over the last 3 weeks or so writing about festive product releases.

I think I'm already in danger of burning out when it comes to Christmas cheer, so inundated have I been with news of Aldi's many limited edition holiday offerings, such as this magical Harry Potter advent calendar, or the return of their wildly popular wine advent calendar, to much hype and fanfare.

This is Aldi's hilarious Christmas advert for 2019:

The Coca Cola Company got in on the act with two winter-inspired additions to their drinks line up, Etsy sellers proved their creativity once more, not least via this truly outstanding Buddy-the-elf Christmas wreath, and Nestlé Toll House released a Grinch-inspired cookie. Naturally.

I've barely scratched the surface of the festive fare on offer this holiday season, but it's time to move on to the latest nugget of exciting news, because it's emerged that you can now buy Oreo creme-filled chocolate eggs this Christmas.

That's right, despite chocolate eggs being largely an Easter phenomenon, many shoppers have been spotting the Oreo eggs in stores recently.

If you're not familiar with the product, it's a chocolate egg filled with Oreo creme and little chunks of Oreo cookie. Basically, they sound utterly delicious.

Instagram account The Impulsive Buy posted a picture of a box of the eggs to their page, along with the news that it was spotted at Walmart.

As you can see, the packaging had a decidedly wintery theme, which has led many to believe that the eggs could be sticking around throughout the festive season.

Yes, chocolate eggs at Christmas might seem like something of an incongruous concept at present, but just wait until your gorging on them in front of a roaring fire on Christmas day, surrounded by the wrapping paper and debris of the gifts you've just opened. There's no such thing as wrong when it comes to Christmas feasting!