You can now get a toilet sand timer for people who spend way too long in the bathroom

You can now get a toilet sand timer for people who spend way too long in the bathroom

When you live a busy life, 'me time' is often hard to come by. That's why some people take any and every opportunity to enjoy five minutes to themselves, which, if they share a bathroom, can have some frustrating consequences.

We've all been bursting and desperate for the bathroom door to open, only to wait in absolute desperation as the person inside takes their sweet time finishing off their business, but this can now be a thing of the past.

This is all thanks to the toilet sand timer, which has been created for those who spend too long in the bathroom.

Some dogs have better toilet habits than people, like this pooch that toilet trained itself: 

The Toilet Timer's product description reads: "The Toilet Timer is for the poo-crastinator taking their sweet time. This is a sand timer that runs for about five minutes. Help your loved one get back to the people they are trying to avoid."

The toilet timer. Credit: Amazon / Toilet Timer

It adds: "We've concocted a special new blend of unicorn magic and gravity that makes the Toilet Timer easy to set. Runs for about five minutes. Just spin to set!

"The Toilet Timer is more than just a subtle hint for the long-pooper in your family. Did you know that there is actually medical benefit to not lingering in the loo?"

The toilet timer. Credit: Amazon / Toilet Timer

On the subject of medical benefits, last year, we took a look at the company which created an 'inconveniently sloped' toilet and explained its various medical benefits as part of their reasoning.

The Toilet Timer is priced at a reasonable $14.99 and is manufactured by a company aptly known as Toilet Timer. It's available in three varieties for this price: the dad, presidential and white elephant varieties.

The presidential option is pictured below:

The toilet timer. Credit: Amazon / Toilet Timer

Toilet Timer became a reality thanks to a Kickstarter for the product, and if the reviews on Amazon are anything to go by, it's been a roaring success.

One happy customer wrote: "This was a gag gift for my son in law that hides out in the potty. Came in quick, during the holiday season none the less. It was slightly larger than I was expecting and was actually heavy-duty plastic which I wasn’t expecting! I am very pleased with the product and I know he will get a good laugh!"

A second added: "This is a great, quality product to help the easily distracted stay on task in the bathroom. I can’t say it has fixed our procrastinating poopers. But, I am hopeful it will help! Great gag gift with an actual useful purpose!"

So, if the Toilet Timer sounds the perfect product for the poo-crastinator in your life, it can be purchased here.