You can now get chocolate-covered Biscoff

You can now get chocolate-covered Biscoff

Biscoff is one of the best-loved biscuit brands on the market, and it's just got better as it's now being released in a chocolate-covered variety.

The delicious revelation was made on Facebook by a person who posted a picture of the chocolate-covered variety on a group, much to the delight of the internet.

The biscuits are being sold at the budget retailer Poundland for just £1 ($1.30), and for that, you'll get a packet of 21. But these sweet treats won't be just good for your wallet, they're good for your waistline too and contain just 37 calories a biscuit.

Chocolate-covered Biscoff. Credit: Lotus

The delicious-looking biscuits are available at the British supermarket chains Asda and Sainsbury's, where they are retailing for £1.49 ($1.94) and £1.25 ($1.63), respectively.

But if you want to get a real bargain and aren't within the vicinity of a Poundland, you can buy your chocolate covered Biscoff from ASDA where they are retailing for just £1 ($1.30).

The chocolate-covered Biscoff would go amazingly with this Alpro chocolate fudge brownie tray:

It's also worth noting that, unfortunately, the biscuits aren't available online, and you'll have to go in-store if you want in on the chocolate covered Biscoff action.

However, don't worry if you just want the original Biscoff. Poundland once again has your back and is stocking the original caramel flavors for, you guessed it, £1 ($1.30).

A Poundland store. Credit: PA Images

Per ASDA's website, one fan of the new chocolate-covered variety wrote: "Lovely with a cuppa, nice and sweet, nearly ate the whole packet."

A second added: "Got these as a substitute, they're delicious, just enough chocolate has ordered again."

However, this is not the only mouthwatering Biscoff product to recently hit the shelves. Last year, the creation of the existence of Lotus Biscoff biscuit-style Twix bars hit the headlines and so too did Biscoff ice creams became a thing.