Young girl celebrates Black History Month by dressing up as an iconic black woman every single day

Young girl celebrates Black History Month by dressing up as an iconic black woman every single day

We are four days into Black History Month, the annual celebration of African Americans throughout history.

We celebrate those who made a real difference as far as the fight against racial discrimination is concerned, those who made significant arts and cultural contributions and those who were unapologetically and authentically themselves despite the barriers they may have faced because of this.

Actors of color still face a number of barriers in show business even in 2020. On Sunday, in fact, Joaquin Phoenix used his acceptance speech for Best Actor at the BAFTAs to admit that he's "part of the problem":

There are many ways we may choose to celebrate this holiday - some simply remember and recognize incredible African Americans and the way in which they changed our society for the better, others may donate to historically black colleges and universities and those still in education might dedicate a particular essay or assignment to an iconic person of color.

Back in 2017, one Seattle mom Cristi Smith-Jones decided to celebrate Black History Month by dedicating each day of the month to an iconic black woman - and had her five-year-old daughter Lola dress up as said icon.

Each day from February 1 to February 28, Cristi would post a photo of Lola in character as a historical or contemporary black icon.

Check them all out here:

Day 1 - Nina Simone

Day 2 - Misty Copeland

Day 3 - Maya Angelou

Day 4 - Bell Hooks

Day 5 - Ida B Wells

Day 6 - Mary McLeod Bethune

Day 7 - Dr. Mae Jemison

Day 8 - Sojourner Truth

Day 9 - Shirley Chisholm

Day 10 - Rosa Parks

Day 11 - Josephine Baker

Day 12 - Daisy Bates

Day 13 - Angela Davis

Day 14 - Mildred & Richard Loving

Day 15 - Harriet Tubman

Day 16 - Nikki Giovanni

Day 17 - Ruby Bridges

Day 18 - Katherine Johnson

Day 19 - Madam CJ Walker

Day 20 - Ella Baker

Day 21 - Toni Morrison

Day 22 - Bridget "Biddy" Mason

Day 23 - Dorothy Height

Day 24 - Zora Neale Hurston

Day 25 - Fannie Lou Hamer

Day 26 - Gwendolyn Brooks

Day 27 - Coretta Scott King

Day 28 - Michelle Obama and CondoleezzaRice