CNN's fact-checker says he couldn't keep up with Trump's lies at rally

CNN's fact-checker says he couldn't keep up with Trump's lies at rally

CNN's fact-checking reporter had his work cut out for him at Trump's Louisiana rally on Wednesday night. Daniel Dale tweeted at one point to say that the President was lying so much that he was struggling to do his job.

"He is saying false/misleading/bizarre things in rapid succession, faster than I can type," Dale tweeted.

In the video below, Jimmy Kimmel documents Trump's alleged 10,000th lie in office: 

During the rally, Dale proved that the President's statements about the Ukraine scandal, the impeachment inquiry, and chain migration were either false or misleading on Twitter.

In fact, Dale has now gotten so good at analyzing what President Trump says that earlier this year, he noted a telltale sign that the President was about to do it, writing that it typically happens "if he tells a story in which someone calls him 'sir.'"

Dale, however, is far from the first reporter to call out the accuracy of the President's statements, with the combined efforts of multiple fact-checkers revealing that the rate at which they occur is "unprecedented in American politics," the Washington Post reports.

This is the number of statements Dale debunked at last night's rally:

However, despite Dale's evidence that the President's statements are false or misleading, his supporters, including Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney, maintain that he never lies.

Meanwhile, in other Trump-related news, the President was forced to leave a baseball game early after the crowd began to chant "lock him up!"

He has also recently come under fire for the control room picture taken during the operation to kill ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Unlike the picture taken during Obama's operation to kill Osama Bin Laden, it was taken after the event took place.