Hairdresser reveals the sweet reason behind Meghan Markle's 'messy bun' at the Royal Wedding

Hairdresser reveals the sweet reason behind Meghan Markle's 'messy bun' at the Royal Wedding

Over the weekend, millions of people watched the Royal Wedding, as American actress Meghan Markle tied the knot with Prince Harry. Or, as Colin Jost put it on Saturday Night Live, "Meghan Markle married some unemployed guy who still lives with his grandma." Don't get discouraged, Harry. Keep applying for jobs. I'm sure you'll get hired somewhere!

On social media, people shared their favorite moments from the ceremony. They swooned over clips of the royal couple's first kiss, wrote hilarious captions to pictures of the guests, and of course, critiqued everyone's fashion. Meghan's wedding dress was minimal and elegant, designed by Givenchy. Many people praised the gown, saying she looked like a Disney princess. Others were unimpressed, calling it "boring," "basic," and "the biggest anti-climax of the year." I was just disappointed she didn't bring her briefcase from Deal Or No Deal.

Some people criticized Meghan's hair for being a 'messy bun,' but there's actually a sweet reason behind it. In many public photos, you can see Meghan rocking the 'messy bun' look. She's comfortable with that informal style, and I'm sure any bride would agree, it's important to feel comfortable on your big day. Celebrity hair dresser Serge Mormant told People Magazine that he went with an 'undone' look so Meghan could more like herself:

"I really wanted [her hair] to be loose. There were a lot of little bits [around her face]. I wanted her to be able to tuck it behind her ears if she wanted to do, because that is what she normally does. I just used long, regular pins. Things that you could just find in the shop for a few pounds. People could re-create it at home, absolutely, maybe even better!"

"Her style is so easy and not contrived. I wasn't about reinvention. She has a beautiful head of hair and is gorgeous, so it was just easy.  [We used] a little mousse, a little texturizing product just to make it look a bit more shiny. I dried it with a round brush and then used a little iron on the edges just to give it texture. And then put it up. Poof!"

Mormant said Meghan was "very happy" about her look, and "thrilled" by the hairstyle, which was inspired by "Audrey Hepburn." Speaking with The Daily Mail, the hair dresser revealed he created the look in just 45 minutes. "It's a messy bun, we call it," explained Mormant to The Daily Mail. "Messy in a controlled way. Making sure it doesn't become a whole mess after a few hours! I don't overload the hair with products in general and certainly not on this day." Well, whatever he put into it worked, since it didn't get messed up as they were driving through the procession.

So, you might not like Meghan's 'messy bun', but who cares? It's not your royal wedding, innit? We all have our favorite hairstyles that makes us feel comfortable and give us a blast of confidence. On such a high pressure day, you can understand why Meghan went with something familiar. I think she should have gone with a mullet, though. It's the perfect time to bring back the mullet.