Woman goes viral for her reaction to tennis player taking his shirt off

Woman goes viral for her reaction to tennis player taking his shirt off

A woman is going viral for her not-so-subtle reaction to a professional tennis player taking his shirt off. The tennis player in question is Feliciano Lopez and the unidentified woman's thirsty response to seeing the athlete's bare chest took place at the US Open.

Take a look at the moment the woman whips out her phone to film Lopez sans shirt:

While other tennis fans were keen to see Lopez take on opponent Taylor Fritz; for this particular woman, the 37-year-old removing his sweat-drenched shirt and replacing it with a clean one, was a clear highlight.

The now-viral clip shows the woman glancing in the tennis star's direction - her gaze lingering as he begins to remove his shirt. She then takes out her phone and proceeds to film the short-lived - but evidently captivating - moment.

What didn't escape our notice was that another woman - presumably a friend of the thirsty lady - is also fixated on Lopez during the enticing shirt swap.

thirsty woman at tennis match Credit: Twitter / @nomatchwindyno

However, unlike her eager beaver friend, she manages to look entirely uninterested - as though she were only looking because the handsome Spaniard happened to be in her eye line.

But sadly for anyone who'd hoped they might be in with a chance with Lopez, he's currently in a relationship with Sandra Gago - the pair are reportedly engaged.

In any case, the clip was posted to Twitter by user @nomatchwindyno, who wrote: "Blonde woman, top left. She is all of us," alongside a laughing-crying emoji.

But as it turns out, shirtless photos of Feliciano Lopez aren't too hard to come by. He's even posted a couple of them to his Instagram page:

But back to the original Twitter post - plenty of people were amused by the woman's thirsty rection:

"She came for this moment," wrote one user, while another added: "Her eyebrow movements though."

"She spoke entire sentences with her facial expressions and eyebrows lol," wrote a third.