Escaped prisoner trolls guards with 'greetings from Thailand' postcard

Escaped prisoner trolls guards with 'greetings from Thailand' postcard

An escaped prisoner has trolled guards with a "greetings from Thailand" postcard.

Oualid Sekkaki, who escaped from a Belgian prison in December, allegedly sent a "greetings from Thailand" postcard to the facility this week, The Brussels Times reports.

An escaped Alcatraz inmate allegedly wrote this letter vanishing:

"The letter was addressed to the three directors," a guard told the Het Laatste Nieuws. "In the envelope was his prison badge and a postcard with (the words) 'Greetings from Thailand'."

Sekkaki had been incarcerated in January for trafficking 25,000 ecstasy pills and attempted home invasion. Authorities also wanted to question him over an alleged shooting incident, as per the Belgian newspaper De Morgen.

However, on December 19, he and several prisoners escaped by climbing a wall and climbing into a getaway car. Three of them were captured the next day. Then, on January 5, a fourth prisoner was captured in the Netherlands.

A beach in Thailand. Credit: Pexels

Sekkaki, however, remains at large, and if the postcard is genuine, it could be a while before law enforcement catches up with him.

But he is not the first member of his family to successfully evade law enforcement. Oualid’s brother, Ashraf, escaped the same prison, the Turnhout facility, in 2003.

Then, in 2010, he fled a different prison in Brugge using a hijacked helicopter, The Brussels Times reports.

A prison. Credit: Pixabay

The Turnhout facility has now informed the authorities about the postcard and presumably, attempts will be made to use it to track down Sekkaki.

As per the Independent, the postcard is believed to have genuinely been sent from Thailand because it was sent via record delivery.

A spokesperson for the prison said: "I can say that the local management has received correspondence with Sekkaki as the sender.

"All information regarding an escaped prisoner is transmitted to the police services responsible for tracing the person concerned."