Lyft is offering free rides to job interviews and first 3 weeks of employment

Lyft is offering free rides to job interviews and first 3 weeks of employment

Transportation service Lyft has created a program to help people out as they secure new employment.

Now, as most of us can attest, looking for a new job is a stressful time. Whether you're still in employment or completely out of a job, interviews are draining, and more often than not, you're going to have a few false starts with companies before you land your new (and hopefully dream) job.

It's also a pricey time, which can put a strain on the limited finances of those who're completely out of work.

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Thankfully, Lyft is doing a good deed for humanity as a whole and is now offering free rides to job interviews and for the first three weeks of employment.

The initiative has been dubbed the Jobs Access Program, and it aims to close the transportation gap in low-income communities, the company revealed in a statement, CNN reports.

A woman attending a job interview. Credit: Pexels

"For the unemployed, reliable transportation to a job interview or to the first few weeks of work can mean the difference between successful, long-term employment and lost opportunities," Lyft's statement read.

The program will be available in over 35 markets in the US and Canada, and it's been created through Lyft's partnership with national and local organizations - including the National Down Syndrome Society and United Way.

A woman catching a Lyft cab. Credit: PA Images

When announcing the scheme, Lyft cited a 2018 Oxford University Press study that said: "Children's opportunities for economic mobility are shaped by the neighborhoods in which they grow up." And a further study conducted by the transportation service which found that "44% of Lyft rides start or end in low-income areas."

The unemployment rate in the US fell to its lowest rate since 1969 in September, and now sits at 3.5% thanks to the addition of 136,000 jobs,  the US Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

However, despite this, the pace of hiring is slower than it was last year when an average of 223,000 new jobs were created each month.