Man forced to change baby daughter on 'disgusting' bathroom floor demands equality for fathers

Man forced to change baby daughter on 'disgusting' bathroom floor demands equality for fathers

A man who was forced to change his eight-month-old daughter on a "disgusting" public bathroom floor has slammed the facilities that are available to men, claiming it's time to recognise that fathers take care of their children too.

Chris Boneyard Mau, from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, took to Facebook in anger after he had to change his daughter Kali's diaper on the floor of a public toilet, something that he claims happens regularly.

Uploading unsettling images of his child lying on the floor of a McDonald's restaurant, dressed in nothing but a nappy, Mau claimed that it was time that baby changing tables were installed into men's bathrooms as well as women's and decried "asshats" who believed that only mothers look after their children.

"I'm getting pretty sick of having to change my daughter on a disgusting floor because the only changing table in the place is located in the women's bathroom," he wrote. "It's crazy to imagine I know but there are guys who take care of their kids too you asshats. If it's a public place with public restrooms in the generation of equality among genders and races then how about making sure us fathers can change our children's diapers on a goddamn changing table like the mother's can. Am I asking too much?"

Soon enough, his post went viral, gaining almost 50,000 likes and over 110,000 shares from angry parents who had experienced the same issue.

Dozens of people commented on his Facebook post, taking the opportunity to denounce public restrooms as "sexist". "This pissed me off like these restaurants are sexist. moms arent the only people or parent to change diapers," wrote Facebook user Aleasha Elderkin.

Shania Levesque agreed, pointing out that occasionally baby changing facilities weren't even available in women's toilets. She posted: "Ugh! I agree. I had to stop at a gas station to change my daughter and even I had to change her on the floor! Cause no changing table... They need to be everywhere!"

Talking to VT, Mau spoke of the shocking number of restrooms that leave parents unable to change a diaper in a sanitary and private manner. He said: "As a father, my children are my world, my very reason for existing and to be forced to change them on a floor or counter in a business with a children's play place when the solution is inexpensive and easy to resolve is atrocious. Is it really too much to ask for a public place with public restrooms to have proper diaper changing accommodations?"

However, not everyone was in support of Mau's actions, with many vilifying him for changing his baby on a dirty floor. An Imgur user with the username 'shhep ' slammed the young father, writing: "This boggles my mind. I'd go to women's toilet 100 times over changing my baby on a fucking floor of a public toilet, jesus f*cking christ."

Laura TheBeautician agreed, claiming that Mau made the wrong move and writing: "He could have sat on the toilet and put her on his lap now he might as well throw her away".

However, the father - who carries an emergency towel for instances like the one in McDonald's toilet - insists that the situation left him few options, saying: "There are people who disapprove of the manner in which I changed my daughter and honestly I don't think any less of them for disapproving. Unfortunately, the situation left very little options for me and my daughter and if I felt there was a better way to change Kali at the time I would have done it."

He continued: "As for the people who question my parenting abilities I humbly ask you to try on my shoes for a day and see how you handle what we face daily, there's no manual to being a perfect parent because perfection is nothing more than ones perception. Every kid is different and every situation is also so what makes it okay to judge the situation when you weren't there?"

The lack of changing facilities in men's bathrooms has been a problem in the public eye for years now, with hundreds of fathers complaining about the issue. In 2015, actor Ashton Kutcher launched a petition urging businesses to add changing stations to their men's restrooms after struggling while out with his first daughter Wyatt.

Furthermore, in 2016, former President Barack Obama signed the Bathrooms Accessible in Every Situation Act, which required all federally owned buildings to have changing stations fitted in both men's and women's bathrooms.

Despite this win for dads out there, the law still doesn't cover bathrooms that aren't in public buildings, such as restaurants or shops, and the issue continues to plague parents.