Man kills coyote with his bare hands after it attacks his child

Man kills coyote with his bare hands after it attacks his child

A man killed a coyote with his bare hands after it attacked his child.

As per Sky News, the incident took place in Kensington, New Hampshire when the coyote attacked the child, bit a woman, and charged at a car. The animal's body is now being tested for rabies, officials have revealed.

In the video below, the man explains how he killed the coyote: 

The coyote was killed by Ian O’Reilly, featured above. As per the Independent, it had grabbed his two-year-old child's hood. He immediately "went into protection mode" and kicked the animal before wrestling it and suffocating it to death, New Hampshire Police Chief Scott Cain said.

O'Reilly was subsequently interviewed by Boston 25 News and said that during the incident which lasted 10 minutes, he was "running on instinct and adrenaline".

"There was no interest in it going away so ultimately I had to make the decision to become the aggressor and jumped on it, attacked it and was able to get it to the ground," O'Reilly said.

"When I was able to get on top of it I put my hand around its snout so it wasn't able to attack me anymore."

"Ultimately one hand on its windpipe and one hand on its snout did the trick."

"It was very much in attack mode," he said.

The attacks took place at 9 am on Monday when witnesses reported the coyote attacking a car.

"The car was trying to get the coyote to move out of the road, and the coyote started attacking the car," Kensington Police Chief Scott Cain told NBC Boston.

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Shortly after reports of the coyote attacking the car were made, police received additional calls about a coyote having opened the sliding door of a woman's home and attacking her dogs.

"I was running behind the dogs to get them in, and just as I was here, literally, the coyote bit me - in the butt," Pat Lee, 62, said.

Lee was subsequently taken to hospital after he was bitten and received a rabies booster jab.

It is possible that all of the attacks were carried out by the same animal, the Independent reports.