Model reveals she gets DMs from men who are obsessed with her unibrow

Model reveals she gets DMs from men who are obsessed with her unibrow

A woman has revealed that she gets DMs from men who are obsessed with her unibrow.

Eighteen-year-old Sarah Marie Clark revealed that, until recently, she regularly plucked her eyebrows, despite her mom's warning not to make them too thin. However, she eventually had a change of heart and decided to grow a unibrow.

In the video below, Sarah shows off her unibrow: 

In an interview with the Sun, Sarah explained that she's always known she had a unibrow, however, because of social norms, she simply plucked it without considering the possibility that she could let it grow out.

Social norms around the subject are so strong that Sarah revealed that when she told friends she was toying with the idea, they advised her against it, but now they have come around to her unibrow.

She also said that before growing her unibrow, she mentioned it to the men she was dating, and they all said a similar thing: don't grow it out because you will look odd.

However, because she is a teenager, she accepted that it was unlikely young men would say otherwise.

She said that they warned her she would be stuck with the unibrow if she grew it, but she rightfully informed them that she could easily remove it again in minutes.

But one day, after a chance scroll through Instagram, she saw a makeup artist deliberately create a monobrow with makeup. She loved the look but was nervous about people's potential reactions if she grew hers out.

Sarah decided to do it slowly so that she could adjust to the look and explained that seeing other women on Instagram with unibrows helped her to embrace hers. This was in March 2019.

Now many men fear her unibrow, Sarah said, but she doesn't care. If anything, she sees it as a way to weed out people she'd rather not date anyway.

However, it has also had the unexpected effect of inspiring others to slide into her DMs because they love her unibrow so much. One man went as far as to say that he would do anything she asked just to date her and her unibrow.

Admitting that many of these men have a fetish for unibrows, Sarah said she is inundated with dating requests.

While some men might not be able to get enough of her unibrow, she has also bizarrely been criticized for her unconventional look. But despite the trolls, Sarah's love of her unibrow hasn't faltered and she has no intention of plucking it again any time soon.