Passenger puts bare feet on woman's headrest

Passenger puts bare feet on woman's headrest

A plane passenger has shared a picture of another passenger's bare feet on her headrest.

In the snap, the woman can be seen staring, horrified, into the camera, while another person's trotters rest above her head. It's not known where the plane was traveling, but the picture quickly went viral after it was posted to Reddit on Monday.

The snap was captioned: "Going to be a long flight."

Feet resting on a woman's headrest. Credit: Reddit / WoodySoprano

The post generated quite the discussion on the website, with many users writing that they simply wouldn't have tolerated the situation.

"I don't get it at all. I would get up the moment I felt someone put their feet there and said something," one person wrote. "You should never suffer in silence, never. Even as a passenger, if I had seen this, I would laugh and look at the person in the unfortunate seat and say 'I'm glad the person behind me has manners and isn't a complete idiot.' because I do realize some people are afraid of confrontations."

In the video below, a plane passenger uses their feet to control the onboard TV:

Another Reddit user said that had they been in the woman's situation, they would have alerted a crew member.

"Talk to a flight attendant," another person remarked. "If the plane is still at the gate then kick him/her off..disorderly conduct in a tube that is 30,000+ ft above ground is stupid... if it got worse.. the other passengers can tape him/her to the seat for the rest of the flight [sic]."

Credit: Pexels

However, others used the picture as an opportunity to share when they experienced similar incidents.

When traveling through Asia, this Reddit user encountered a fellow passenger who wouldn't take his feet down for longer than a minute, despite being asked to do so in two languages.

"The guy behind me took off his shoes and shoved his feet between the seats, pushing my elbow forward with his nasty unwashed feet," they wrote. "I asked him to put his feet down, he refused. He was asked in two other languages to put his feet down, which he did for about a minute and then put them back up again."

"This was a short flight, but since it was international there was meal service which started as soon as we hit cruising altitude. I kept the fork and repeatedly stabbed him in the bottom of his foot every time he tried to put his foot up."

But sometimes people's feet make headlines for reasons completely outwith their control. Case in point, this man with size 19 feet who has been cruelly nicknamed Sideshow Bob.