Presenters baffled after seeing 'kid drinking beer' at football game

Presenters baffled after seeing 'kid drinking beer' at football game

Football presenters working for broadcaster BT Sport have been left baffled after they witnessed a "kid drinking beer" at a football game.

The incident took place at a football game in Germany and was made public on Twitter. Taking to the website, BT Sport Score posted a clip of the child appearing to drink 'beer' that was captioned: "Did we really just spot a kid drinking a beer in Germany?"

This is the clip of the child drinking 'beer': 

In the clip, one of the presenters says: "Well, we basically had a shot in one of the German games of a child of no more than about six with a pint of beer."

Another remarks: "The worrying thing is, it's not a pint - it's nearly finished."

A person in the studio then offers an alternate explanation for what they have witnessed, suggesting that it's a "nonalcoholic" beer.

At a different football game, this child was spotted 'smoking':  

Needless to say, the video of the child seemingly drinking beer caused a storm on Twitter.

One user wrote: "Thanks I'm now going to the shop to get beer as this kid is having a better Saturday than me."

Another joked: "Loved that whoever he was with appears to have told him to finish it off when he tried to hand it back."

Meanwhile, a third said that they'd seen children doing much worse at a sporting event, writing: "That's nothing, I saw kids doing jäger bombs last week before Forest v QPR."

Further weight was also given to the theory that not all was as it seemed. A fourth Twitter user wrote: "This is kind of apple juice mixed with soda called Apfelschorle. Very common in Germany."

Meanwhile, in other beer-related news, a recent study found that drinking beer every day can double your chances of living to 90.