Bar slammed online over 'misogynistic' sign

Bar slammed online over 'misogynistic' sign

A bar in England has come under fire for its "misogynistic" sign.

In the post-MeToo world, tolerance for words that encourage misogyny, victim-blaming, and rape culture is lower than ever - and so it should be. What anyone chooses to do with their body is their choice and their choice alone.

The illuminated sign in Alexander’s Bar in Worcestershire read: "That awkward moment when Halloween is over but you're still a slag."

The sign first came to public attention after a picture of it was posted to social media on Sunday. Since then, it has come under fire from police, politicians and local parenting groups.

"Alexander's promoting misogyny, victim-blaming, rape culture in their bar. This is not OK - anyone should be free to dress, wear, and be whoever they want freely without being labeled for it," a representative for Worcestershire Mums Network wrote on Twitter.

In the video below, Piers Morgan debates whether music should be modernized in the MeToo era: 

However, they were far from the only group to slam the sign on Twitter. Others described it as "absolutely disgusting", "terrible" and "not a good look".

"This is just wrong," the West Mercia Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Center (WMRSASC) wrote. "WMRSASC would support a code of conduct to prevent offensive messages like this."

According to South West News Service (SWNS), a member of Worcestershire Mums Network visited the bar on November 23 and was appalled by the sign, which has allegedly been displayed in Alexander's bar since November 1, Fox News reports.

The group's founder, Siani Driver, said it objectified women for what they wear and therefore has the potential to make them feel unsafe.

A similar statement was made by John-Paul Campion, West Mercia’s Police and Crime Commissioner, who said that he hoped the backlash over the sign would make the nightclub seriously consider the implications of such a message.

SWNS has reported that local council member Louise Griffiths has reported the sign to Worcestershire Regulatory Services in the hope that it will be removed.