Dad-of-three tells of miraculous recovery after falling 20ft through a skylight

Dad-of-three tells of miraculous recovery after falling 20ft through a skylight

It's a fact that sometimes people can survive the impossible. You just never know how the human body will react to accidents or injuries, and what can kill some people outright will merely wound or stagger others. It all depends on the individual. Some of the stories of people who dodged the reaper by the skin of their teeth are outright unbelievable. Just take the case of builder and carpenter Danny Hopkins. Danny, who hails from London, managed to survive falling 20 feet through a skylight, and then made a miraculous recovery not long after.

The trouble began when Danny was at work, renovating the roof of a local school. Stepping on to a skylight, he suddenly felt the glass and scaffolding give way beneath his weight, and it shattered. He tumbled 20 feet down to an empty office below him, but amazingly he managed to land on his feet - something which probably ended up saving his life. A bystander spotted him looking dazed amid the wreckage, and they called the emergency services.

Danny was rushed to the hospital, where he was given a CT scan to assess the damage he'd suffered. Medics also phoned his wife Angela, who quickly came to his aid. Danny suffered a chipped left ankle and had sustained cuts and bruises to his left hand, where the skin had been torn off down to the ligaments. Other than that, he was remarkably well and was released from A&E that same day.

An image of Danny Hopkins with his children. Credit: Press Association

Commenting on the incident, Danny stated: "I just had one last coat of paint to do. I stepped back momentarily on the skylight and, suddenly, felt nothing beneath my feet. Next thing I knew, I was looking up at the sky with paint exploded all over me. The room I’d landed in was a locked office, so my only thought was, ‘I have to get out.’ I couldn’t believe what had happened, as I’d been at that job around two weeks, going up and down the same section of scaffolding."

He added: "I still felt relatively alert and thought I could walk fine, but when paramedics arrived, they strapped me up and told me not to move, as they didn’t know the extent of the damage ... I remember saying to the nurse, ‘Is Angela here?’ and her coming in soon after. I was all strapped up with these tubes coming out of me, where they’d given me painkillers. I could tell by her face she was panicking, but I tried to reassure her that it looked worse than it was. It’s always scary to see someone in hospital like that, though."

"I’ve got three kids to look after, so I take working very seriously. But I knew if I pushed myself, I’d end up worse in the long run, so I just had to take time to properly recover. It was Angela’s birthday a couple of days later, too, but we put off celebrating until I was back on my feet. I’m absolutely fine now, which I know is miraculous. I’m very lucky to have fallen 20ft and walked away. I can’t fault the team who looked after me. They don’t have an easy job to do, but they’re absolutely fantastic. I landed on my feet like a cat, but I definitely think I’ve used up at least one of my nine lives."

Carpenter Danny Hopkins in hospital. Credit: Press Association

While in hospital, Danny ended up being filmed for the Channel 4 documentary series24 Hours in A&E, where he can be seen praising the doctors and nurses who helped him after his accident; so keep an eye on your TV screens and see if you can spot him in the future!