Disabled mom says she wet herself after movie theater staff refused to let her use toilets

Disabled mom says she wet herself after movie theater staff refused to let her use toilets

A disabled mother with a bladder control problem has slammed Vue cinemas for not allowing her to visit the bathroom.

Speaking to The Metro, 36-year-old Camille James stated that she often has to visit the toilet urgently and that she was in Acton in west London on Tuesday, December 7 when she felt needed use the bathroom immediately. She pulled up to a Vue cinema, the nearest building to her, and asked staff if she could use their toilets.

However, the staff in the cinema pointedly refused to allow her entry without buying a ticket. In desperation, Camille showed them the blue badge in her car windscreen, and her insulin pump, in a bid to prove her disability.

When this had no effect upon them, Camille started walking towards the disabled toilet, but a member of security blocked her path, which meant that she later urinated before she could find a toilet in time.

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A spokesperson for the cinema chain later told British tabloid newspaper The Sun: "The comfort and wellbeing of all of our guests is something we take very seriously and we are extremely disappointed to learn that this experience was not provided."

They added: "Vue has a clear policy in place that ensures guests who need to use toilet facilities are able to do so and are looked after with compassion and discretion. We apologize that on this occasion that did not occur and we will address this immediately."

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