Expert reveals why Meghan and Harry have stopped holding hands in public

Expert reveals why Meghan and Harry have stopped holding hands in public

There seems to be no end to the amount of rules and regulations that those in the British royal family have to follow. Prince William and Kate Middleton's children have to learn various things from an early age, with official reasons why Princess Charlotte can’t sit at the dinner table with her parents during Royal visits and an entire list of toys that both kids aren't allowed to play with.

It must be weird then, to be inducted into this situation as a 36-year-old. Meghan Markle seems to have done everything right, facing a huge amount of pressure and unjust criticism during the build-up to her wedding to Prince Harry. However, given that this is the royal family we're talking about - there are plenty of people out there analysing her every move.

After their engagement shoot and interview in November, body language expert Judi James spoke about the way the couple held themselves during these broadcasts:

"These two are a lot more tactile that your average royal couple. Meghan won’t be putting a foot out of line but she'll be a breath of fresh air for the Royal family.

"They looked incredibly happy. Harry almost looks shocked with emotion and affection. I think we’ll see the two of them very well matched."

Now that the two are happily married, there are still people looking for any differences in their behaviour. Last week, many noticed that Harry was apparently avoiding Meghan's hand during the Young Leaders Reception at Buckingham Palace.

Like all royal-related happenings, this caused a massive debate, with some criticising her affectionate behaviour and others thinking it was unfair to criticise her in this way.

It wasn't nearly as awkward as Donald Trump's clumsy attempts to hold his wife's hand, but it still warranted some analysis.

An etiquette expert spoke to Femail about why they have apparently stopped holding hands at official engagements since their wedding, though he explains it has little to do with royal protocol.

William Hanson suggests that it may be because the couple want to appear more "professional" now that they are married, and Meghan is likely be more confident in her individual role. He explained:

"Prince Harry has probably felt less of a need to hold Meghan's hand as she seems to be much more confident and secure in her new role, and so needs less emotional and physical support from her now-husband.

"Public displays of affection, such a hand holding, may be accepted in private situations and in social spheres, but when out in public Harry and Meghan are on official business and so it is not considered professional behaviour."

He described William and Kate's body language as more traditional and reserved, but the differences often come down to the couple's themselves rather than any protocol they're following.

"They seem much more reserved with their emotions and affection whereas Harry and Meghan are more tactile. It comes down to different styles for different royal couples."

"There is no official rule in regards to hand holding. However it is not something we have seen HM The Queen or HRH Prince of Wales do with their respective spouses.

"I suspect Prince Harry and The Duchess of Sussex realise that now they are married their job and status is what comes first."

Now that you think about it - do you see The Queen hold hands with her husband that often?