Huge model of Trump tweeting on a golden toilet appears in London

Huge model of Trump tweeting on a golden toilet appears in London

Donald Trump is making his second state visit to the United Kingdom this week, but it seems as though he isn't exactly receiving the grand presidential welcome he was hoping for.

Not only has the giant Trump baby blimp taken to the skies over Westminster once again, but it seems as though the anti-Trump demonstrators have kicked things up a notch by bringing in a gigantic robot resembling him in a very compromising position.

Check out this footage of the 'Trump Dumper' robot below:

The 16-foot-high so-called "Trump-Dumper" model sits on a gold toilet while tweeting, and it was erected in Trafalgar Square this morning for the protest. The elaborate machine, which cost £19,700 ($24966.50) to make, sits with Trump's trousers around his ankles, mechanically making robotic farts while shouting some of the president's choicest quotes, including "you are fake news" and "I am a very stable genius."

In an interview with British broadcaster LBC, the robot's creator, Don Lessum, stated:

"It's a masterpiece. It took a month to make and ironically we made it in China and there were no tariffs on it. It's a 16-foot high statue of Trump, doing what he does the most, sitting on the toilet and tweeting. He's a loathsome character and he doesn't represent America. I want people to know that. He doesn't even represent democracy."

However, this isn't the only controversial tactic employed by anti-Trump protestors. One Trump-hating-teen went so far as to mow a giant penis on the grass of a lawn by Stansted airport ahead of the president's arrival.