Lip reader reveals what was said during the moments of the royal wedding that you couldn't hear

Lip reader reveals what was said during the moments of the royal wedding that you couldn't hear

It's now been a few days since the curtain closed on the royal wedding, and while we're not back to normal just yet, the world does seem to be restoring itself to its former state before all the celebrations and street parties.

The ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was absolutely stunning, with Meghan wowing audiences in her Givenchy gown and also breaking a few conventions along the way. One of the running themes throughout the occasion was how Meghan embraced the eyes of the world being on her.

Speaking to Sky News, body language expert Judi James said that Meghan helped Harry throughout the ceremony, despite the fact that this level of attention was completely new to her. "Meghan was amazing. Walking up the aisle by herself, I looked for every smallest sign of suppressed anxiety and nervousness - there was absolutely nothing.

"I think she probably saw it as her role to help Harry through it rather than the other way round. She sat with her hand over his for quite a bit of the service as though she was reassuring him.

"To me, she was the strength when it came to the day and the actual performance."

Ms. James also said that the Duchess's gaze was a sign of her confidence on the big day. "For me, today was something we don't usually get at royal weddings, which is the eye gazing between the couple because she gave Harry a 100% eye gaze.

"When he went to take his vows, the undistilled awe and love for her is what we normally see at royal weddings in very tiny glances - but we got the full force of it with this one, which is what made it unique and very touching."

While Meghan may have been a picture of confidence, Harry was the opposite - with the prince looking noticeably nervous throughout the day. Ms. James said: "It was quite unusual and sweet to see him in that mode because normally at royal events he is the joker in the pack and making everybody else laugh."

"But this one had knocked him sideways a little, probably more than he was expecting," she added.

Not only were people on hand to look at the body language of the couple on their big day, but Sky News also hired a lip-reader to take a look at what people were saying to one another throughout the ceremony.

Tom Parker Bowles arrived, apparently telling a blonde woman: "I'm not hungover today so that's really good," while singer Joss Stone was clearly gearing up for a big night, purportedly saying to a friend: "I can sleep on the way home."

Harry's nervousness also came out through his discussions with Prince William. While waiting for his bride to arrive, Harry could be seen seeming to ask: "Is she here?"

To which William replied: "No, not yet."

Once the ceremony was over and the couple were being paraded around Windsor, Meghan is said to have put her hand to her chest and exclaim: "So much fun!"

Through the body language and lip-reading, it becomes clear that Harry was a lot more nervous than his bride - something which is surprising. Regardless, Harry had nothing to worry about, as the wedding ran smoothly and was a joyous affair.