Man accidentally circumcised after doctors mix up his notes

Man accidentally circumcised after doctors mix up his notes

A British man has ended up being accidentally circumcised instead of getting a Botox treatment, after doctors mixed up his medical notes with another patient's.

Terry Brazier, a 70-year-old man who hails from Leicester in England, expected to receive a simple filler injection as part of his cystoscopy. A cystoscopy involves injecting botox into the bladder wall to strengthen the bands of muscle in the organ, and thus reducing urinary incontinence.

However, Terry was surprised when doctors at Leicester Royal Infirmary operated on his penis and snipped off his foreskin instead.

In an interview with British tabloid newspaper, The Daily Star, regarding the case of medical negligence, Brazier stated: "I went in the surgery for some Botox and they ended up circumcising me. They didn’t know what to say when they found out they’d done it."

He added: "They said they can’t send me back to the ward and they needed to talk to me ... The nurse was at the side of me and we were talking so I didn’t know what was going on. It was a real surprise."

Commenting on the unfortunate mix-up, Andrew Furlong, the medical director at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, told The Star: "We remain deeply and genuinely sorry that this mistake occurred, and I would like to take this opportunity to once again apologise to Mr Brazier."

Furlong added: "We take events like this very seriously and carried out a thorough investigation at the time to ensure that we learnt from this incident and do all we can to avoid it happening again. Whilst money can never undo what happened, we hope this payment provides some compensation."

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