Meghan Markle wore a pasta necklace during her Royal Tour and the reason is adorable

Meghan Markle wore a pasta necklace during her Royal Tour and the reason is adorable

It seems like a dream job to be a duchess, traveling the world, wearing fabulous outfits and and waving at people. (The muscles in your waving hand get so strong.) However, former actress Meghan Markle has discovered that following the Royal Family's strict sartorial rules isn't easy. The Queen insists that Meghan wear tights, not show bare legs; rock high heels, not comfy wedges; and slay in dresses and skirts, not pants. Rumor has it she's also forbidden to wear a beer helmet, giant baby bonnet and "I'm With Stupid -->" trucker hat. Geez, loosen up, Queen!

The Duchess of Sussex has tried to her best to buck these dusty, archaic traditions - like wearing the occasional black pantsuit.  And during a visit to Melbourne, Australia, she have donned a very unusual accessory yet. Current the Royal Couple is on their Royal Tour, where they attend Royal Events and wave at the Dirty Non-Royal Commoners. While attending a fancy reception at Government House, Meghan was spotted rocking a unique outfit: Manolo Blahnik BB heels ($625), a blue Dion Lee dress ($873). a Martin Grant trench coat ($1,690) and a Gavin pasta necklace ($0).

Who's Gavin, you ask?  A little boy who's a huge fan of Meghan Markle. He spent the whole morning making the adorable necklace, then waited in the crowd to give it to the Duchesss. "I made it with pasta and dipped them in gold paint and threaded the string through," he explained to A reporter tweeted a photo of the boy at the event, carrying a sign reading "I made you a necklace." His mother told the media Gavin woke up "with a cough" so he had to stay home from school. (Whatever you say, mom!)

A video from the local news captured the moment where Meghan meets the boy and spontaneously puts on his gift. As you know, every element of Meghan's outfits are carefully chosen weeks, if not months, if not centuries in advance. (The royals are are nuts, fam.) However, this particular accessory was a last minute addition. It really completes Meghan ensemble doesn't you think? I wouldn't be surprised if Markle stans and ironic hipsters all start wearing golden pasta necklaces made by children, turning it into the hottest new fashion trend.

Gavin was surprisingly prescient, painting the pasta gold, which perfectly matched Markle's outfit. A bright hot pink would have clashed, and a dark navy blue would have made it blend right. But gold worked out perfectly. I wonder if Queen Elizabeth proves? Considering how persnickety she is about fashion, Her Royal Majesty probably ripped the pasta necklace off Meghan's neck, swallowed it whole, and belched, "NEVER AGAIN!" Or maybe Meghan put it on a dresser full of mementos somewhere. Who knows? The point is, she's cool with her fans, and never too traditional to do something fun, spur-of-the-moment.