Mom booted off flight by crew for wearing an 'inappropriate' low-cut lacy top

Mom booted off flight by crew for wearing an 'inappropriate' low-cut lacy top

Everyone has a go-to flying outfit. For most people who like being comfortable, that means sweatpants and a sweatshirt, of course layered over a tee shirt in case the plane cabin is unnaturally humid. Others like to dress up, especially if they're flying on business and leave the plane to head straight to a meeting. Others prefer feeling sexy above the clouds.

Of course, if you're flying to a much warmer climate - such as from England to Spain - you may decide to dress for the hot weather in preparation for the landing.

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Harriet Osborne, a 31-year-old mother of two, was escorted off an EasyJet flight for wearing a revealing top, The Mirror reports. A flight attendant told her that the lacy, low-cut shirt was too exposing for the several children who were on board.

The cabin crew also said it was too low-cut and see-through, revealing her areolas. But Harriet claims she was wearing both nipple covers and tape.

Harriet told The Sun that the flight attendants were demeaning and made her feel cheap as they addressed her in front of several other passengers. She was ushered to the side as an air hostess covered Harriet's chest with her hands and told her she wasn't wearing a top.

But when Harriet left the plane to cover up with her friend's sweater, it was too late. The damage of seeing her breasts could not be undone. She was not let back on the plane. When she tried to re-enter, she was turned away and escorted from the airplane. EasyJet told The Sun that Harriet was kicked off for behaving disruptively.

Flying can often bring out the worst in people, such as this incident when a passenger lashed out at the cabin crew:

Crying in the airport, Harriet told The Sun that the sexist crew made her feel cheap. As her and her friend walked back through the airport, the Spanish police, who stopped to question the pair, were shocked by what had happened. Harriet ended up crashing for a few days at a relative's home before paying £149 ($187.91) for a different flight.

Harriet is a makeup artist from Southwold, Suffolk. She told The Sun that when she's at home, she usually doesn't dress this revealing. But, because she was on vacation, she felt spontaneous. Do you think her outfit was appropriate for the flight?