Parachutist hurtles 5,000ft to the ground after stunt goes wrong

Parachutist hurtles 5,000ft to the ground after stunt goes wrong

Startling footage has shown the moment an army parachutist lost complete control during a 5,000 ft display jump and dramatically hurtled to the ground - miraculously without sustaining any serious injuries.

The alarming stunt took place in Eastbourne, East Sussex, as part of the Eastbourne Air Show over the weekend.

The parachutist - whose name is unknown - is from the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment.

While he spiralled wildly out of control, plummeting to the ground - the rest of his team landed in the sea.

Daniel Blocksidge, who filmed the jump, told MailOnline: "We had been watching the airshow and on the Friday decided to go down and view it from the beach."

He continued: "The parachute team were jumping even though it was very breezy on Friday, especially for people jumping out of a plane. I noticed a guy was in trouble and spiralling down."

Paraglider glides towards the earth Credit: Getty

"I have done some parachuting myself and know those winds were really strong. We went over there when he landed to see if he wanted help, but a number of people were already caring for him and we weren't allowed to get any closer. When I saw him coming down I thought 'that's not good' and I expected him to have broken bones. But I have since found out he was not badly hurt, so that's good. Given the speed he was coming down I expected he would have worse injuries."

A spokesman from The Tigers Army Parachute Display Team told The Sun:

"The Tigers Army Parachute Display Team are pleased to announce that the team member who landed to the eastern edge of the drop zone has suffered only minor grazes and is receiving a precautionary medical assessment. The Tigers would like to thank the police and St Johns Ambulance Service who co-ordinated a fast response to the incident."