People think Meghan Markle broke royal protocol during a recent event

People think Meghan Markle broke royal protocol during a recent event

Meghan Markle has not even been an official part of the royal family for two months yet, and already she's caught a lot of flack from the media for supposedly "breaking protocol" on a number of occasions. Whether it's her so-called bad habit of crossing her legs at fancy occasions, her decision to wear off-the-shoulder clothing in the presence of the Queen, or that one time she apparently tried to hold her husband's hand in public - the Duchess of Sussex just can't help doing innocent things that tick people off.

Now, however, it seems that Meghan might have done something a little more concerning than making a fashion faux pas, as a recent comment from an Irish politician suggested that she might have seriously overstepped her boundaries as a royal.

After attending an event with the royal newlyweds in Dublin on Tuesday, Senator Catherine Noone of the Fine Gael party posted on Twitter to say that it was "a pleasure to meet Prince Harry & the Duchess of Sussex at the British Ambassador's Residence this evening."

However, she also followed up with a statement in a now-deleted tweet to say: "The Duchess & I had a chat about the recent referendum result. She watched with interest & was pleased to see the result."

Noone was, of course, talking about the "Repeal the Eighth" vote, which saw the Republic of Ireland roll back their ban on abortions. The referendum was a resounding success, with more than two-thirds of citizens opting to legalise the medical procedure, and a little over half turning up to have their say in the matter.

So what was the problem with Meghan commenting on the matter? Well, as a duchess, she isn't supposed to weigh in on any political matters - let alone reveal any biases she might have.

When challenged to elaborate on what she meant by her comment, Noone backtracked and said: "I deleted [the tweet] because it was unintentionally misleading – the Duchess was not in any way political."

However, Meghan's political nature had already caused somewhat of a stir for the royal family a couple of months ago, when the Duchess' official profile was updated to describe her as someone committed to "social justice and women's empowerment." It also included a quotation from her that said: "I am proud to be a woman and a feminist."

Moreover, just a week or so after that happened, Kensington Palace had to issue a statement reassuring everyone that Meghan was not running for president, as a widespread rumour had been suggesting otherwise.

The royal family were well aware of Meghan's political beliefs before she and Harry were an official item, however, and had accepted that adapting to royal life is no easy feat. Dickie Arbiter, a former press secretary to Prince Charles, said of Meghan shortly before she was married:

"Now she has come into the royal family, she will have to be politically neutral. Harry has probably made that perfectly clear. He knows she has been outspoken, but all that has to stop. She is going to have to adapt. I am sure she is on the road already."

On this occasion, Markle may or may not have made some comments she shouldn't have done - but, after the media storm it's caused, she'll certainly be more careful in the future.