Prince Charles shares adorable private pic of Harry and Meghan's wedding in new exhibit

Prince Charles shares adorable private pic of Harry and Meghan's wedding in new exhibit

The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have been more than two months ago now, but that hasn't stopped everyone clutching on to whatever new details they can get from the big day.

First there was the whole drama about Meghan's dress, then there was a big hullaballoo over whether or not the bride's father had faked his heart attack in order to avoid the service, and now - in slightly happier news - the internet is going nuts over one little photograph of the event.

Ok, so it's not just any old photograph, but rather one from Prince Charles' private suite at Buckingham Palace - and it just so happens to be part of an exhibition that's going on at the moment.

A video posted by Simon Perry, a journalist for People magazine, showed the interior of the Prince of Wales' room at the palace - and his choice of decor says a lot about the royal.

The beginning of the clip shows a magnificent painting, along with some (presumably antique) vases and pieces of pottery. In front of this is the first photo - a shot from William and Kate's wedding day (d'aww, remember that?) in which the closest members of the royal family are gathered around a couch.

After that, the camera pans around to show some more expensive paintings and pieces of artwork - many of which are of trees, for some reason - a weird porcelain cockerel, a pile of books, a small bowl of fancy-looking eggs, and then - finally - the snap of Harry and Meghan on their big day.

If you didn't quite catch it at the end of that clip, here's a freeze-frame of the photo:

How sweet is that?

Also in the study was a previously-unseen picture of Charles with his son, William, and oldest grandson, Prince George. This was accompanied by a lamp, some fine china, a regal-looking duck, a little dog statue, some more books, a couple of trunks, and a small framed portrait.

Needless to say, then, the prince's tastes certainly do venture into the eclectic - but he's also obviously a big family man.

"[The exhibition] is intended to give a flavour of the Prince of Wales’s owning residences and reflect his personal involvement," said Vanessa Remington, the senior curator of paintings at the Royal Collection. "He has grown up as a passionate art lover."

She added that "The display aims to show the public the prince’s long-standing passion for art and the way this has been channeled into the creation and understanding of art charities."

Those who wish to visit the exhibition can do so until September 30th this year - and there are plenty more personal photographs and portraits on display at the palace. Not all of the items featured on display are always kept at Buckingham Palace, but have been moved there for the project in order to give the public an idea of who Prince Charles really is.