Spanish police order man who threw fridge off cliff to drag it back up

Spanish police order man who threw fridge off cliff to drag it back up

An unidentified man filmed himself tossing a refrigerator over a cliff. The video shows him dragging the large appliance from his van before chucking it over the edge. When he posted the video, which went viral, policed identified him, likely from his van's license plate number, which can be seen in the footage.

Watch the men toss the fridge over the cliff below:

Per CNN, the man filming the event can be heard singing about "recycling" the appliance by tossing it over the edge. The two also joke about how many flips they think the fridge will do down the ravine in Almeria in the South East of Spain.

Local police AUGC Guardia Civil tweeted the original video that went viral, along with how they responded to the situation. A follow-up shot shows two men dragging the fridge back up to the top of the cliff.

As well as this form of punishment to right their wrong, the perpetrators were reportedly fined 45,000 euros ($74,277). Authorities told CNN that the man might possibly face further fines for his actions.

Upon further investigation, AUGC Guardia Civil discovered this may not be the man's only offence. There's also allegedly a video of him tossing a washing machine down into a ravine.

The man is said to work for a company that distributes appliances like these. Authorities are looking into the business after company bosses failed to prove that they were disposing of their own appliances using an authorised agent, the Independent reports.

If you're looking to get rid of an appliance, check where your closest local recycling centre is. Machines like refrigerators and washing machines can't go just anywhere. Some fridges contain CFCs, which can harm the environment and the ozone, so it's important they're dealt with properly.