Teenager is left with second-degree burns after doing 'the Deodorant Challenge'

Teenager is left with second-degree burns after doing 'the Deodorant Challenge'

An English teenager has been left with second-degree burns after taking part in the 'Deodorant Challenge', with disturbing images of her severe injuries posted on Facebook by her mother.

Mother Jamie Prescott from South Gloucestershire, England, wrote about the incident on Facebook, in a post that has since been shared over 3,000 times, issuing a rallying cry for other parents to show their children the photos in order to ward them off the craze.

The challenge is the latest dangerous trend among young people on YouTube, which sees them spray deodorant onto a person's bare skin for as long as possible.

In the post on May 4, Prescott describes that her year 10 daughter took part in the challenge in April, but her injuries were still severe three weeks on, with a skin graft being discussed as a possible fix.

However, despite the mother's good intentions, she was inundated with comments from social media users who felt that she had "failed as a parent" and who reprimanded her for "allowing" her daughter to take part.

Facebook user Daniel Imbellino wrote: "What the heck is this lady teaching her kids? How could anyone be this stupid to do something like this to begin with? It sounds to me like this kid lacks any form of common sense. The pictures are proof some humans are just plain morons. I have zero sympathy for people who don't bother to think before they act."

In addition, a commenter called Lockhart Will wrote: "Your child participated in this and you are actually showing people you failed as parent? Hilarious."

Nonetheless, others defended Prescott and pointed out that at no point had she mentioned giving her permission to her child to take part, with Angela Wallace writing: "When the cats away the mice will play .. I teach my son everyday about this stuff everytime I see a new one ... That dose not mean I failed some kids don't have a back bone to say no !!! So those of you who are shooting bullets at this women kiss her ass ... She is just warning others ..."

The Deodorant Challenge has been around since 2017, and has seen hundreds of teenagers suffer the consequences. Usually, it only burns the outermost layer of the skin, however, depending on the duration of the exposure to the antiperspirant, some skin will burn and blister.