This is the pretty amazing wedding gift The Queen gave Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

This is the pretty amazing wedding gift The Queen gave Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle feels like it was years ago, when it was simply a matter of weeks. What an occasion it was, by the way. There was a celebration of black culture that has never been seen before in the Royal Family, Meghan part-walked herself down the aisle and, amazingly, it was an actual sunny day in England.

However, while that joyous and momentous occasion may feel like a distant memory, stories continue to emerge from the big day and the spotlight remains on the newlyweds. In the last few days, stories of what Harry and Meghan received from their guests have begun to emerge. Despite the couple pleading with people to simply donate money to their chosen charities, Harry and Meghan still received a barrage of gifts from PR companies looking to gain some promotion through the couple.

Matching swimsuits and royal wedding themed gifts may seem hilarious to you or I, but Meghan and Harry were not even allowed to open their gifts, let alone use them. Understandably, because of safety concerns, the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex had to return their gifts from whence they came. However, they won't have the same issue with the present they received from Her Majesty The Queen.

In order to celebrate the momentous wedding, big Lizzy decided to gift Harry and Meghan a present that we could only dream of: a house.

Yep, just when you thought you couldn't be jealous of the newlyweds anymore, they get gifted a house on their wedding day. The majority of us have to settle for a toaster or, at a push, a Nespresso machine. A house. A whole house!

However, it's not just any old house, it's York Cottage on the Queen's Sandringham Estate. The estate is 110 miles from Kensington Palace, where Harry and Meghan currently reside and has been under Royal possession since 1862.

The overall size of the estate is 8,000 hectares, including a 240-hectare public park and 24-hectare garden, which is connected to the main house.

The Queen inherited the estate in 1953 and Prince Philip has been in charge of managing the property. The estate is where Meghan went for the royal family Christmas celebrations in 2017 and it's also where Princess Charlotte was christened in 2015.

York Cottage used to be called the Bachelor's Cottage, as it housed male guests on the property. Now, however, it consists of the offices for the estate.

Harry and Meghan are currently neighbours with Prince William and Kate Middleton at Kensington Palace and they will also share the grounds of Sandringham. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were gifted Anmer Hall, a property on the estate, back in 2011.

While Will and Kate use their house as a holiday home, it's rumoured that Harry and Meghan may permanently reside in their property in order to escape to the public eye for a while. Also, given the quiet nature of the property and the vast space that it has, it seems the perfect place to have children. Is there a Harry Junior on the way?