This is the super important job Meghan Markle is reportedly taking over from the Queen

This is the super important job Meghan Markle is reportedly taking over from the Queen

Meghan Markle seems to be fitting into her new role as a royal with unnerving ease. The 36-year-old, who married Prince Harry in May this year, has grasped the opportunity to become the Duchess of Sussex with grace, gusto and a beaming smile on her face.

Since she entered the family, the majority of people have been impressed with the manner that the former Suits actress has handled the pressure. Whether it's her friendly, unassuming nature, or the fact that she has single-handedly dragged the Royals into the 21st Century, there is much to admire about Meghan Markle.

Take, for example, her wedding day. It was a joyous occasion, with Britain being submerged in beautiful spring sunshine and A-Listers turning out in full-force for the event. David Beckham, Serena Williams, Tom Hardy and George and Amal Clooney were all in attendance at the ceremony, which is being heralded as the most modern event in royal history.

Whether it was the fact that Harry and Meghan celebrated black culture through an African-American pastor and gospel choir, or Meghan's overtly feminist wedding dress, there was much to be admired.

However, while Meghan has proven to be a hit with the public, it also seems that she has won her new family round as well. During the festive period, it was reported that Markle had made the Royals cry with laughter at her Christmas presents and she recently set off with the Queen to fulfil a royal engagement, with the pair being pictured looking very happy together.

Now, though, it seems like Meghan really has earned the Queen's trust, with her taking over from Elizabeth in a new role. Starting this summer, Meghan and Harry will welcome the youth in the Queen's Young Leaders program to Buckingham Palace.

The role had initially been pioneered by the Queen and - according to the Express - hosting the programme participants is "said to be a job that has been close to [Queen Elizabeth II's] heart since it started five years ago."

The programme was started back in 2013 and honours youth who have given back to their community in a variety of different ways, from mental health advocacy, advocating against violence against women, and other life-saving acts of heroism.

Harry has been a patron of the programme since early 2018 and Meghan will now be joining him in the Queen's place. According to the Prince, he is "hugely optimistic" about the future of the programme.

He continued: "I have really enjoyed meeting so many of them over the past four years and their passion and understanding always leaves me hugely optimistic about the future."

"I have seen time and time again, through my work with young people from across the Commonwealth, that today's generation understands something very important: that to tackle a big issue, you need to focus on the root causes of the challenge, not its symptoms.

"The Queen's Young Leaders are having an incredible impact in their respective countries because they have adopted this mindset."

It would be safe to say that Meghan Markle is well and truly slaying being a royal.