Viewers have worked out who the masked magician from 'Britain's Got Talent' is

Viewers have worked out who the masked magician from 'Britain's Got Talent' is

We're used to seeing some pretty incredible sights on talent shows, but the latest episode of Britain's Got Talent really took the cake! Instead of a singer, or yet another boy band, we had an eerie magic show performed by an enigmatic masked magician (who looked a little bit like V from V For Vendetta) known only as 'X'.

X went straight into their performance, but kept their identity completely secret, using voice-altering equipment, wearing a headscarf, and donning a stylish black suit. His magic tricks blew away the judges and the audience, and some people are already calling it the best audition they’ve ever seen Britain’s Got Talent, or any other talent show for that matter.

The performance ended with a fantastic display of mesmerism, in which the hosts Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly (aka Ant and Dec) were arranged sitting next to each other with their eyes closed. X slowly touched Ant's arm, and asked Dec to raise his hand if he felt someone touch him. Both confirmed that they could feel someone touching the other man. It seemed as though their minds had been joined.

Can you figure out how X did it? Prepare to have your mind blown:

Then X  asked them to draw an image on a board with their eyes still closed. The beloved duo ended up drawing the exact same shape upside down. When combined, these shaped which ended up being '1989', the same year the two TV personalities met while on the set of the children's show Byker Grove.

However, a few eagle-eyed viewers who caught the performance on broadcast believe that they'd managed to work out who the masked magician really is. The theory goes that X is actually a woman named Elizabeth, who appeared on last week's episode and left Amanda screaming after she appeared to transform into a woman from over 100 years ago.

Check out that terrifying audition in the video below:

Proponents of this theory point to the fact that Amanda ominously stated to the judges that: "The night's not over yet," but strangely never made a comeback as she promised.

For instance, one person with the Twitter handle @Djtj7582 wrote: "Might be way off here but I have a suspicion this is the lady from last week who did the trick on @AmandaHolden."

While someone else called @jenstimp wrote: "The lady from last week did say at the end that she wasn’t finished, so you could be right!!! This could just be one great big act! Guess we’ll find out later in the show when they wilt down how many contestants they’re putting through!"
So is X a woman in disguise, or someone else entirely? I guess we'll just have to wait and see...