Woman marries the love of her life one day before he dies

Woman marries the love of her life one day before he dies

Navar Herbert, a 22-year-old rugby player from New Zealand, passed on June 25. Though he was diagnosed with a brain tumour only months ago, Navar's condition sadly worsened quickly. Before time ran out, he and Maia Falwasser decided to tie the knot.

On a June 24 ceremony, the couple's closest family and friends gathered for a ceremony. Navar and Maia's 11-month-old son Kyrie was also at his parents' wedding celebration.

A video they shared shows the getting-ready process.  When Maia approaches Navar down the aisle, he says to her: "Hello my wife, hello my baby. I love you."

Credit: Facebook/Maia Falwasser

Navar was a part of the Nerang Bulls Rugby Union, who plans to have a celebration of their teammate's life today, June 28.

Navar's wife Maia created a GoFundMe page to sponsor flying her late husband's body back to his home in Otorohanga, New Zealand. Before their marriage, the couple lived together in Queensland with their son. Their GoFundMe's target is $100,000.

Credit: Facebook/Maia Falwasser

Maia wrote on the page:

"Today my heart is heavy and sad, I lost my best friend, Husband and the Father to our Son. I feel absolutely showered in LOVE by friends and family, this is a hard time, however i do find my strength and refuge in everybody's support.

Navar's Journey has just begun, shortly we will be taking him back to Kotahitanga Marae, where he has asked to be laid to rest. He has impacted so many people near and far, and he will always be in our memories and have a special place in our hearts. 

As expected, costs to take Navar back home along with his immediate family have been quite extensive, and to give us every opportunity to spend our last moments spending time with him, we are asking for donations to assist with this. I am truly truly appreciative of your support."

Credit: Facebook/Navar Herbert

To donate to Navar Herbert's journey home, click here.