Ariana Grande announces break from Instagram after cruel comments from trolls

Ariana Grande announces break from Instagram after cruel comments from trolls

Going on social media is always a bit of a jump down a rabbit hole into the unknown: are people going to be friendly today? Or are they going to rip you to shreds? You never quite know until you get there.

Celebrities, however, appear to have a firmer grasp on what exactly they're going to get when they log onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever other social media site. When you're rich and famous, you can pretty much count on the fact that you're going to get a whole lot of love from your fans - and an extraordinary amount of hate from your enemies.

One star couple who has had enough of all the nonsense? Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. The star-crossed lovers have recently proclaimed their intention to stay away from social media, after being subject to cruel comments from trolls for weeks.

First to cut ties with social media was Pete, who shocked his followers when he deleted every single picture on his Instagram account on Monday. At the moment, the page still exists; however, if you were to search for it, you would find a completely empty account. Soon after, the SNL actor took to Instagram stories to explain why he is leaving the site, claiming that "there's nothing wrong" but he just feels the internet is evil.

"No there’s nothing wrong. no nothing happened," he wrote. "no there’s nothing cryptic about anything. i just don’t wanna be on Instagram anymore. or on any social media platform. the internet is an evil place and it doesn’t make me feel good. why should I spend any time of negative energy when my real life is f*cking lit. the fact that I even have to say this proves my point. i love you all and i’m sure i’ll be back at some point. [sic]" His comments come after he was slammed on social media over his "disgusting" joke about the Ariana Grande concert terrorist attack in Manchester last year.

Later in the day on Monday, he was joined by his fiancée Ariana, who semi-followed suit in the social media blackout. While the One Last Time singer hasn't gone as far to wipe her account, she did turn off comments on Instagram, meaning that fans can no longer debate about her new relationship.

In addition, she posted on Snapchat for the first time in a while and informed fans on Twitter that she was intending to stay away from Instagram and Twitter. "yeh ! i’m prolly gonna post on der for a little while & take a breather from twitter & ig for a little. just sometimes can’t help but bump into some negative shit that really can bum u out and it’s not worth it honestly. promised i’d always tell you. i love u sm ! be well & happy," the star wrote.

She also explained to followers who questioned if she was going to promote her new song that doing this in the past had badly affected her mental health. The No Tears Left to Cry songstress wrote: "bc it destroyed my mental health and was horrible for me. i don’t remember anything ab those years of my life and am doing so much better now. career wise and health wise. stop coming for me and my team when i’ve never been better literally in any department. LITERALLY. [sic]"

Enjoy your break from social media, Pete and Ariana. You deserve it!