Batkid who stole everyone's hearts is now cancer free

Batkid who stole everyone's hearts is now cancer free

In 2013, everyone's favorite superhero wasn't Spider-Man, Superman or Wolverine. It was Batkid, aka mild-mannered 5-year-old, Miles Scott. Miles suffered from leukemia and told the Make-A-Wish foundation he wanted to be Batman for a day. The organization began arranging an incredible experience, where Miles would join 'Batman' for a crime-fighting adventure in San Francisco. They posted a call for volunteers online, and it went viral, becoming national news. The story melted everyone's hearts and the entire Bay Area chipped in to make Miles' dream come true.

On that special day, San Francisco transformed into Gotham City. Miles dressed up in a super-cool Batkid costume, and joined The Dark Knight to respond to a call from the chief of police. Together, the crime-fighting duo stopped The Riddler from robbing a bane, saved a woman tied to the train tracks, and rescued San Francisco Giants mascot Lou Seal from The Penguin.

Thanks to the help 20,000 volunteers, the experience was truly immersive. Miles rode in the Batmobile, passing huge crowds that chanted, "Bat kid! Bat kid! Batkid!" He was given to the key to the city by Mayor Ed Lee. The San Francisco Chronicle published a special edition, called the Gotham City Chronicle, with the headline 'Batkid Saves City.' President Barack Obama and astronauts from the International Space Station recorded video messages, thanking Batkid for saving the day. It was awesome.

On the five-year-anniversary of that unforgettable day, Make-A-Wish Foundation has exciting news. Batkid is now cancer-free. The organization announced the milestone on Twitter: "Five years ago today, Miles Scott became Batkid and the world cheered him on. Now 10 years old, Miles is a happy, healthy 5th grader and has been in remission from leukemia ever since! Wishes have proven physical and emotional benefits and can produce better health outcomes."

Miles was diagnosed with leukemia when he was only 18 months old, and his last treatment was in 2013. He visits the oncologist every year, and has been in remission for the last five years. After winning his heroic battle with the life-threatening illness, he's a typical 10-year-old kid. The foundation said that Miles enjoys science and robotics, and plays Little League baseball. The fifth grader also helps out on the family farm, and recently sold his first goat at the local fair. Congratulations, Batkid!

Batkid is triumphant Credit: Getty

The Make-A-Wish foundation grants wishes to children between the ages of two and 17 who have been diagnosed with critical illnesses. The non-profit organization operates in countries all over the world, and has over 60 chapters in the United States. The chapter in the Bay Area is one of the largest, and reportedly grants 400 wishes a year. The foundation believse that granting wishes can be a game-changing, life-saving experience, and Batkid's story is the perfect example. He's the hero that the world needed, bringing everyone together for one day, and showing our greatest superpower is humanity.