Conspiracy Theorists think Melania Trump has a body double because of these pictures

Conspiracy Theorists think Melania Trump has a body double because of these pictures

For some time now, it has been believed that the first lady, Melania Trump, has a body double to stand in for her on various trips with her husband, Donald. It started more as a joke than anything else, but - given photographic evidence and comments that the president has made in the past - it seems to slowly be becoming more plausible.

Take this Facebook post from last year, for example. In one of the clips, Trump almost catches himself off-guard when he says, "My wife, Melania... who happens to be right here", and the pictures could feasibly be someone else in a good disguise.

This theory became slightly more convincing in September last year, when Trump seemed to believe Melania was not accompanying him on a trip to the areas affected by Hurricane Irma. "I just want to thank everybody, the first responders, on behalf of myself, our Vice President," he said, before adding: "Melania really wanted to be with us." The problem was, she was standing right next to him.

But now the conspiracy theorists are digging deeper, and are claiming that pictures of the first lady taken this week in Brussels at the NATO conference do not show Melania at all - and are instead of a new, less convincing body double.

And, looking at the pictures, it's not difficult to see why they think that.

Seriously, it doesn't look like her at all.

And it isn't just a few people saying it, either.

"Is this from this week's travels?" asked one person. "In looking at pictures of her in the flowing yellow gown, I noted how something didn't look quite right. The face is fuller than her usual angled appearance."

"Check out Melania, or, is is even Melania," said another. "Check the shape of her face and the color of her hair. I'm thinking this could be a double. Someone figure this out, please."

One Twitter user had a slightly different theory, however, and suggested that this was still the original Melania - albeit with a little cosmetic surgery work. "Perhaps she had a face lift instead of kidney surgery," they said, alluding to the first lady's recent absence on account of her needing medical treatment. "Face lifts are not uncommon for the rich, including past models."

This theory is certainly a tiny bit more plausible than the body double one, but - let's be real - it's still a bit too crazy to be true, isn't it?

What's more likely is that the various suspicious comments the former businessman has made about his wife were just, well... Trump being Trump. He has a strange way of putting things sometimes, and also has a tendency to speak without really thinking at all (which, you know, isn't worrying in the slightest).

As for Melania looking different - it's difficult to tell when she's wearing such huge shades. Perhaps she has had some work on her face, perhaps she was just caught at a different angle than she usually is.

Having said all that, though, if it did turn out that she had been recruiting a lookalike to fill in for her all this time, I don't think any of us would blame her.