Dramatic bodycam footage shows deputy pulling woman from her burning trailer

Dramatic bodycam footage shows deputy pulling woman from her burning trailer

A deputy has been declared a "hero" after footage emerged of him saving a 63-year-old woman from a burning trailer. The footage was captured on Deputy Roberto Martinez' body cam.

The deputy, who has worked as a police offer for more than a decade, had to smash through the window of a burning trailer to save the woman, whose exit was impeded by smoke and flames.

This is the dramatic moment that she was pulled to safety: 

The shocking incident happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning in Baytown, Texas.

Recalling the incident, which saw him and the woman he saved hospitalized for smoke inhalation, Martinez said, "Just broke the window like I had to, that was the easiest thing to do. The front door was completely engulfed."

Prior to the blaze tearing through the home, it had been occupied by five adults and two children. Everyone apart from 63-year-old grandmother Eloisa Martinez was able to escape through the front door.

Pictured below is what the property looked like in the aftermath of the blaze:

Home damaged in fire. Credit: Facebook / Eloisa Martinez

"I was scared, I was scared. I just didn't know how I was going to get out," she said. "If he wouldn't have come when he did, I would probably be passed out on the ground, on the floor."

However, the deputy refuses to be called a hero for his actions and has said that he was simply doing his job.

The cause of the fire has yet to be established, but it happened while the Martinez family were sleeping.