Florida woman taken into custody after allegedly assaulting her partner with frozen meat

Florida woman taken into custody after allegedly assaulting her partner with frozen meat

A Florida woman has been taken into custody by police after she allegedly assaulted her partner with a frozen piece of meat, local news sources report.

Police believe that Jennifer Brassard, a 48-year-old woman living in Brooksville, attacked her boyfriend with a frozen pork chop after an argument escalated. Said argument was said to occur at around 10pm last Friday, when Brassard threw the pork chop at her partner, hitting him just above the left eye.

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According to the arrest report, the man then fled the scene, suffering a "half inch laceration" as a result of the attack.

"On 02/01/2019, at approximately 2145 hours, the defendant and victim were engaged in a verbal argument. During the verbal argument, the defendant threw a frozen pork chop at the victim, striking him on his left eyebrow causing an approximate half-inch laceration."

After interviewing both Brassard and her partner, it was determined that the 48-year-old was the aggressor, and was arrested for domestic battery. The statement also says that she and her partner had been dating for around a year, and were living together at the time of the incident.

Pork Chop assault defendant Credit: WLFA News

Booked into county jail, Brassard was released on a $250 bond, and was ordered not to have any contact with her boyfriend by a judge. It's not known at this time whether or not the pork chop was taken in for evidence.

Unfortunately, this is far from the only time that food has been used as a weapon to assault another person. This is also far from the only time such an incident occurred in Florida; last month, a 33-year-old man was arrested after attacking his father with a fresh delivery pizza.

The Paso County Sheriff's Office were called to a residence in Holiday in Paso County where pizza sauce and cheese were strewn all over the residence. Soon after that, a man offered himself into police custody.

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It later emerged that Robert Houston, who lives in Paso County, Florida, was upset with his father for reportedly assisting in his son's birth, and attacked him once the older man had returned from walking the dogs, as a police report explained:

"On the listed date and time I made contact with the defendant who was walking towards me away from the home. He walked up to me and turned around putting his hands behind his back saying he knows I'm going to take him to jail. 

In a non-custodial interview, I asked him why I would take him to jail to which he said he threw pizza at his dads [sic] face striking him with it due to him being mad his dad helped give birth to him."

Houston was charged with domestic battery, similar to Ms Brassard above, but it is still unknown why learning of this news caused Houston to be so upset, to the point that he would assault his own father.