Footage shows wild brawl over suspected wig theft in beauty shop

Footage shows wild brawl over suspected wig theft in beauty shop

While there are no shortage of CCTV cameras or security guards in stores, it's not often they get put to use on shoplifters - or at least, we're rarely witness to any robberies while the store is open. However, there are some people out there more than willing to pull off a petty heist in the middle of the day.

Montgomery Country Police are currently searching for three suspects who assaulted and pepper-sprayed two employees at a beauty supply store while they were reportedly trying to steal wigs from them. The incident happened last Friday at around 6:49 pm at Esther's Beauty in Silver Spring, and the entire event was caught on film.

One of the suspects took a wig off a mannequin near the entrance of the store, and soon found a male employee blocking the exit. This would appear to be when the pepper spray came out, with the other two accomplices getting involved in the scuffle. It seems that two of the suspects used a key to unlock the door and escaped from the store, while the remaining suspect continued to battle with the employees inside - until he made his own escape.

The police released the surveillance video in order to help the public track down those responsible for the attack, which you can see below:

Not done there, the last suspect to escape appears to comes back for the wig, kicking at the employees in order to grab it from the floor before escaping once more.

Both store workers were taken to a hospital with minor injuries. The male employee suffered a laceration to his head, police have stated.