Heartwarming moment this police officer helps a homeless man shave for his McDonald's job interview

Heartwarming moment this police officer helps a homeless man shave for his McDonald's job interview

Going for an interview can be an extremely stressful experience, especially when you desperately need a job - either because you're unemployed, a recent graduate, or simply hate your current 9-5. However, things are even harder for the homeless, who have a long and strenuous journey to becoming employed.

A homeless man living in Tallahassee, Florida, was getting ready for a job interview at his local branch of McDonald's, when he got some much-needed kindness. Phil was told he would get the job as long as he turned up clean-shaven - something that isn't easy to come by when you're on the streets.

He managed to purchase a razor second-hand, but unfortunately it turned out it was broken. With only a day until the interview, Phil was understandably frustrated. As he stood outside a gas station, City of Tallahassee Police Department Officer Tony Carlson pulled up in the parking lot.

Speaking at a recent press conference, Tony described the encounter:

"I saw [a man], who turned out to be Phil, out front trying to shave, having some trouble with his razor.

"As I got out of my car, he asked me if I knew anything about fixing a razor, because it was broken, and if I could look at it.

"For whatever reason, instead of just getting in my car and leaving, I went over there and I looked at it, and it was missing a screw."

Tony helped Phil tighten up the screws that remained so that the razor would work, then helped him get clean-shaven. During the interaction, he learned about the upcoming interview, of which Phil "seemed excited". With no mirror on hand, he decided to help him out. "I wish I could’ve done more, but in between calls for services, this was the best I could do," Tony later remarked.

However, one passerby happened to be at the same gas station while Tony was helping out, and managed to capture the event on film. Since then, the footage has gone viral, with many lauding Tony as an inspiration to other officers to help out in the community.

One woman also took a picture outside the gas station, sharing it with her mother Kelly, who shared it on social media and with the police department. "One officer's simple act of kindness is touching so many lives, it is amazing," Kelly told CNN. Yet Tony has remained modest throughout:

"It happens all the time, It just so happens this time somebody caught it on film.

"Officers all over the place… our department, the Sheriff’s department, other cities… they’re always doing things like this that don’t get the attention that this just happened to get."

As far as Tony's concerned, "peace officers" is what he and his colleagues consider themselves first, with enforcement of the law coming in second.

In a happy ending for all involved, Phil's interview went very well. According to CNN, he got the job - and the chance to make a major change to his life.