Here are 20 hilarious reactions to the 'Presidential Alert' sent to cellphone users

Here are 20 hilarious reactions to the 'Presidential Alert' sent to cellphone users

Can't get enough of Donald Trump on Twitter, television and every awkward holiday gathering with old relatives? Good news! Now he can text you. Sort of. Today FEMA tested their 'Presidential Alert' system, sending American cellphone users this message: "THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed." Um, okay? Thanks?

Like AMBER alerts and weather warnings, the alert serves a purpose: to blast a nationwide message, in the event of emergency. FEMA conducted the test in order to see if improvements should be made to the system. The urgent notification reached 225 million cellphones - roughly 75% of the US population. And no, you cannot opt out.

Presidential Alert text message sent to cellphone users Credit: Twitter

On social media, people complained about the loud message interrupting their lives. (Imagine it going off in the movie theater.) And they also cracked a lot of jokes. #PresidentialAlert became a trending topic on Twitter, and here are the 20 funniest responses.

1. I don't really care. Do u?

2. FML

3. Never forget

4. Awwww

5. Grab 'em by the presidential alert

6. For Harry Potter fans

7. For H.P. Lovecraft fans

8. For Britney fans

9. For football fans

10. For Dr. Seuss fans

11. For basic human decency fans

12. At least there are no eggplants

13. Usually you get this at 2AM, not PM


15. #Covfefe

16. Imagine Christine Blasey Ford getting this message, after Trump mocked her emotional testimony at a rally

17. When they go low...


19. Stormy Daniel's new memoir was very detailed

20. "He remembered me!"

Well, thanks for the alert, Mr. President! Now I'm going to throw my cell phone away and only communicate by raven, like on Game of Thrones.