Hilary Duff posts underwear pic to speak out on how her body has changed during pregnancy

Hilary Duff posts underwear pic to speak out on how her body has changed during pregnancy

Before I started writing this article, I could have sworn that the very last episode of popular Disney teen sitcom Lizzie McGuire only aired about four years ago? But, after a quick Google search, I was blown away to learn that the final episode was actually aired all the way back in 2004. That is 14 years ago! Way to make me feel old...

What blows my mind even more is that the beautiful actress behind the titular character of Lizzie, Hilary Duff, is now 30-years-old and is preparing to welcome her second child.

We were all overjoyed to hear the news that Hilary Duff was pregnant with her second child in June, captioning the photo "Guess what guys! @matthewkoma and I made a little princess of our own and we couldn’t be more excited!!!!!!"

Already the mother to six-year-old son Lucas, Hilary has proved herself to be a great mom time and time again, and everyone is excited to see the star become a parent once more.

But, as I'm sure a lot of women out there already know, pregnancy is no picnic. In fact, the morning sickness, swollen feet, heartburn, constipation, and incessant needing to pee pretty much make it as far from a picnic that you could get.

It is not an easy process for many pregnant women to go through - after all, the body they were so used to seeing every single day is now changing uncontrollably, and often, in many unexpected ways.

Has Hilary Duff finally decided on a name for her baby girl?

However, you have to believe female celebrities feel the pressure so much more, as their bodies are being constantly photographed by the paparazzi and scrutinized in the press. Hell, a year ago, Duff hit the headlines for wearing a tight pink dress, with publications like FHM opting for headlines like: "Holy Hilary Duff! Former Disney Star Is Rocking Some Serious Bootay".


So you can only imagine the stress women like Hilary Duff could be understandably feeling when their body starts to change without their control. Well, the Lizzie McGuire star recently took to Twitter to talk to her followers about the harder parts of carrying a child, and also to "big up" the moms out there who make it look like the easiest thing in the world.

Posting a picture of herself in her underwear, flaunting her growing baby bump, Duff wrote:

"The boobs are big the belly is big the body is big. Man.. pregnancy is hard. Giving love to all mamas who make it look effortless... this journey is hard as hell and also incredibly special. Lovely to have a little life inside and to day dream of all the new adventures to come buuuut almost impossible to get my own shoes on..sick of getting up 9 times a night to pee and looking at this weird body in the mirror that is not my own at the moment."

The 30-year-old finished off her post with some motivational talk for those out there with buns in the oven, putting: "Women are so bad ass, this was just a note to remind myself and remind others how’s strong and beautiful you are! WE GOT THIS! ?❤️???✨"

Yes, Hilary, you have indeed "got this".

This isn't the first time Hilary has been vocal about overcoming body insecurities, either.

Last year she shared a very leggy picture in which she expressed a newfound love for her legs, which she has previously been very self-conscious about.

In the caption, the actress wrote:

"I didn't always love my legs, but as I've grown, I've learned to love and celebrate myself, just as I am. I began to realize that my legs are STRONG and they carry me every. single. day. Our bodies are amazing and something to be grateful for. I'm ME and that's really enough! Thanks for helping to spread the self-love message @Aerie!"

And it seems nothing is going to stop Duff proudly showing her growing bump. Because why should she?

Her words of encouragement couldn't have been better received by her followers, who praised the Our Lips Are Sealed singer for speaking up about the ups and downs of pregnancy. "CURRENT SITUATION...thanks for the reminder #28weeks ❤❤❤," wrote Instagram user @miss_tammy32.

Hilary Duff shows off her bump and latest home renovations with her followers:

She was joined by fellow user @kjenks18 who shared her own experience, writing: "I’m 8 months pregnant with my first child. I will tell you, it was easy up until a few weeks ago. I’m still dealing with the changes going on to my body, it’s crazy! Good luck and hang in there, it’s almost time to meet the little one!"

Other fans also commented to tell Hilary how fantastic she looked, including @fearfuzzybear who put "Good on you for, not only spreading positivity, but also showing the human aspect of pregnancy! You're so gorgeous, babes!" and @tvshowsandsunflowers who wrote "You're slaying queen!!! Ignore any haters that may come at you. You're creating something beautiful and slowly giving life, may I also add looking stunning and flawless as ever".

They're certainly not wrong. Pregnancy is looking good on the A Cinderella Story actress, who will share her second child - her first daughter - with her 31-year-old boyfriend, Matthew Koma.

Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy Hilary - we can't wait to meet the new little one!