Homeless man finds $17,000 outside food bank and hands it in to volunteer

Homeless man finds $17,000 outside food bank and hands it in to volunteer

Here's a hypothetical question: if someone gave you $17,000, and then took it away, how would you react? Probably not very well I imagine. Well, one person out there was so honest and good-hearted that they found 17 grand lying around, and actually gave it away. The kicker? This person was actually homeless themselves and in a state of poverty so dire that most people would expect them to take the cash and run. Now the incident has hit social media, with many claiming that this kind soul has restored their faith in humanity.

Kevin Booth is a homeless man who frequents the Sumner Community Food Bank in Washington. Booth relies on food banks to eat, and has been without a permanent address for the past seven years. He mostly survives by couch-surfing or by staying in group homes. He is unable to work without his welfare being cut off. On August 23rd 2018, Kevin went up to the overnight food box at the bank, and discovered a paper bag filled with piles of bank notes.

Instead of rushing off with the cash, Kevin left the money outside the door at the bank. A volunteer there discovered it at approximately 7.30am (initially thinking it to be a donation) and called the police regarding the issue. They only discovered that Kevin had given back the money by watching footage recorded by CCTV cameras poised over the door. 90 days passed without anyone stepping forward to claim the cash, which means that the money can be kept by the bank to expand their services.

Commenting on the incident, food bank executive director Anita Miller stated: "We just thought it was food and picked it up and went to carry it in. And then we realized it was something else and opened it. It was $17,000 in a brown paper bag ... It had to stay with the police for 90 days and then it was returned to us because nobody ever claimed it."

She added: "Kevin was so very proud of himself because he had done this and he knew it was the right thing, which kind of makes the story just the best story on earth. It restores all of our faith in mankind. It also shows that the people that are homeless, there’s a lot of good out there too that are just suffering from some tough times."

Meanwhile, police chief Brad Moericke commended booth for his altruism and honesty, telling him that: "Not every citizen would be as honest as you in this situation." Not only that, but on top of everything else, a GoFundMe page has been set up by a woman named Desiree Almonte, to raise money for Kevin. Almonte wrote "We are ready to help him now. Let's see this man get into a place of his own and make this an amazing Christmas for his kind soul."

Why not make a donation? It sounds like Kevin deserves it.