Insane footage shows street brawl break out at Donald Trump's walk of fame star

Insane footage shows street brawl break out at Donald Trump's walk of fame star

Earlier this week, a man was arrested after taking a pickaxe to the Hollywood walk of fame and smashing Donald Trump's star to smithereens. The culprit, Austin Clay, turned himself in shortly afterwards and has since been released on bail (which, bizarrely, was paid by the last guy who destroyed the star).

It's since been replaced with a new star which, after only been in place for a matter of hours, is already causing fights.

A street brawl broke out on Thursday night at around 11.25pm after two men - one of whom was wearing a Trump jersey - allegedly began arguing about whether or not one of them could use the N-word. The fight quickly escalated from a verbal dispute to a violent fistfight, with dozens of people getting involved while others watched on and filmed.

Footage of the brawl has since been posted to social media, where it has caused yet more debate between supporters and critics of the president.

The fight broke up when police arrived at the scene, but no arrests were made. Two suspects are wanted for assault and the theft of a camera, however.

Several other incidents have happened around the star, too. Earlier this week, Trump supporters gathered at the walk of fame in order to demonstrate their appreciation for the president. Protestors have also shown up at the prominent site - sometimes clashing with those who agree with the Trump administration.

As of yet, Trump has not rage-tweeted about the incident. What with him being tied up in so many scandals at the moment, though, he probably just hasn't had the time.