Jayme Closs kidnapper says he still 'loves' the teen in disturbing jailhouse interview

Jayme Closs kidnapper says he still 'loves' the teen in disturbing jailhouse interview

In October 2018, a 13-year-old girl, Jayme Closs, went missing from her home in Barron, Wisconsin. In her home, police found the bodies of her two parents, who had both been shot dead, but she was nowhere to be found. Even with a $50,000 reward offered for anyone who could help bring her in, she was still gone for 88 days - and many began to give up hope that she was alive.

But in January, she was discovered walking down a road by a passing dog walker, who made sure to get her out of the icy conditions and call the police. Once she made her statement, it was revealed that the abductor and killer of her parents was the 21-year-old Jake Patterson, who was promptly arrested.

Seeing as she'd made the daring escape from her forced confinement all by herself, many suggested that the $50,000 reward be offered to her, since she rescued herself. Following this campaign, a company that put up half of the reward money announced that they would give their $25,000 share to Jayme.

Since she was returned, Closs shared details about her kidnapping and the death of her family - and Patterson soon confessed to both killings and the abduction once he was apprehended by the police. Now, according to news station WWCO, he has since spoken out in a brief phone interview from inside the prison.

As he awaits his next court appearance on the charges of murder and kidnapping, reporter Jennifer Mayerle sent him a letter requesting he ring her - a call she never expected to come. On Friday she received a call from the jail where he is being held, asking if he would accept the charge to speak to him.

Credit: Barron County Sheriff's Department

She then spoke to a man claiming to be Patterson, who confirmed he "of course" regretted his actions, but still "loved" Jayme and wanted to speak to her again. "I just love her," he said. "Part of me like really knows I shouldn't be talking to you but I didn't want to cause any more trouble."

"We were just like watching TV, playing board games and talking about stuff," he said of the three months he held her captive. "We cooked a lot, like everything we made was home made."

The picture he paints of their time together is in stark contrast to his own description of the crimes, in which he explained how he followed her school bus, and, despite not knowing who Jayme was, said he "knew that was the girl he was going to take."

He then followed her home, shot her father in their doorway, then followed Jayme and her mother to the bathroom, where he tied the 13-year-old up and killed her mother in front of her.

In his previous court appearance, Patterson waved his right to a preliminary hearing. An arraignment date has been set for March 27, but so far it is unclear how he will plead.